Starting Over

It’s been a while since I’ve taken up blogging. Many years ago it was a part of my daily life. This was of course before sites like Twitter and Facebook came around changing the landscape to how people express themselves online. Yet more and more I find myself restricted to a set of online behaviours that I would not normally impose on myself that feel empty. So I’m going back to writing in long form.

I began blogging on LiveJournal back in the late 90’s. It chronicled the adventures of a mid-20’s gay guy who wanted to explore the world around him. My 20’s were funny and full-on, I made many stupid mistakes and had to fall down a lot. The narrative changed when I got into my 30’s, having moved over to Europe and growing from the experiences here. At lot has happened the last several years and it is unfortunate that there is not much archive of it. I like sharing my narrative, I feel it is a good one because I am always moving forward learning and trying new things. It makes no sense to expand my mind if I cannot share it.

My 40’s have been mostly awkward. My level of video output began to decline shortly after my 40th birthday. I hit a creative wall at 41 and didn’t find joy in what I was doing anymore. Then my brother and I started working on a bar/venue/gallery in Neukölln called LUDWIG. I learned how to be a better event manager and producer as well as performer. In the background there was the turbulence that came with self-discovery. The bar closed last September and nothing will be the same again. Despite closing the bar this was a very good year. I got into drag and performance, it has been an extraordinary experience! I’ve picked up an interest in design. My 40’s also brought out exploring polyamory in different models. I wish to further discuss this subject through a dedicated live streaming show and a documentary project.

One day I want to look back on all the things I’ve done over the internet and revisit all these journeys. The summer of 2018 became the most fun summer I’d had since first moving to Berlin in 2004. 2019 has been a year of transition and I’m ready for a massive boost into a new epoch in 2010. It’s a perfectly good time to start a blog!