Ceven Knowles

Born on 4th of May, 1974 and raised in the United States then moved to Berlin in 2004, eventually giving up my U.S. citizenship for a German one in 2010. I have been active in the arts for as long as I can remember. My work is a mixture of several platforms through the years: video, new media, performance, live installation, photography, internet art, broadcasting, drag, activism, and hosting and producing events.

As an independent director I have made work for: Billie Ray Martin, Robert Solheim, Ulli Richter, Princessin Hans, Kathy X/Kathy Freeman, Ruby/Leslie Rankine, Electrosexual, Daan van Kampenhout, Pauline Andrès and Concrete Flower Perfume. I have also been shown in the Vandalorum Art and Design Museum, Läns Museum Jönköping, and many film and video festivals and art exhibitions around the world.

My education is largely autodidactic. I studied for a semester at the Kansas City Art Institute before moving directly into actively working as an artist. This kind of experience, while not academic gave hands on practical knowledge in many different areas of production and visual arts working alongside professionals.

From 2006-2008 I served as showrunner, producer and director of the internet-based variety series, ANDERECAST from which the name of my first production company, UNBEKANNTES SEKTORFORMAT was born. In partnership with artist, Maurus this became the basis for CERUSmedia. During that time I released music under two project names: NEVEC RED and THE GERÄUSCHKULISSE SESSIONS. From the end of 2009 to the beginning of 2010 I produced the video project, HINAUSGEHEN a 3-part audio-visual sonata documenting the transition from being an American citizen to becoming Stateless to finally becoming a naturalised German citizen.

In 2011 I served as producer, director and editor alongside Maurus Knowles for the video art documentary collaboration, EIN WUNDER SEIN (TO BE A MIRACLE). Shortly afterward I visually collaborated with the band, The Opiates (Billie Ray Martin & Robert Solheim) for video works for their live tour, some later became official music videos. Having done video for live music shows I was then inspired to continue exploring the stage as a new space. My work as an event producer began in 2013 with WORDS and DEEP WINTER.

During summer of 2014, my photography participated as part of a group exhibition in Manchester, UK: SIN IN MY HEART. The exhibition was picked up in London October the same year. In 2015 I produced and directed the video art porn, PANOPTICON which had its festival world premiere at the 10th Pornfilmfestival Berlin before traveling to the international festival circuit.

At the beginning of 2016: co-directed with Emre Busse the video documentary, “LANDLORDS – THE ECONOMICS OF S&M APARTMENTS IN BERLIN” which premiered at the Schwules Museum on February 6, 2016 and then later in various festivals around the world.

2016-2019 along with Maurus I founded, built, and ran LUDWIG in Berlin Neukölln. Here I regularly produced and participated in exhibitions, events and live performances.

Currently I am rebuilding my production company now rebranded as JERA PRODUCTIONS as well as helping in other events and doing performance as as drag artist.

Upcoming 2020 Projects:

ANARCHY: BDSM für Alle!_weekly party: producer and host

UNTITLED_new video live stream show and accompanying documentary on polyamory: producer, director, host

FUCKING THE WITH THE GODS_documentary on the exhibition of the same name produced by artist Daan van Kampenhout: producer, director, editor


LUDWIG_bar, venue, gallery as owner, exhibition producer, event and live show producer, performer, host


Drive Like Steve McQueen_ music video, music by Pauline Andrès director, editor

Landlords – The Economics of S&M Apartments in Berlin_ documentary, Berlin_ director, producer, editor (with Emre Busse)


The Way They Make You Feel_ music video, music by Electrosexual_ director, editor

Birthing Ancestors_ music video art, music by Daan van Kampenhout_ director, editor

Panopticon_ video art porn, music by Ruby_ producer, director, editor

Sad, Sad Song_ music video, music by Merlin Dietrich_ director, editor

Spin (Robert Solheim Mix)_ music video, music by Ruby_ director, editor

City As a Memory_ music video, music by Glass Dancer_ codirector with Han van acoleyen

Deep Winter_ two-hour audio-visual performance event_ producer, director, visual artist


Jolene_ music video, music by Ruby_ director, editor

Runde Sachen_ video art collaboration with Maurus, editor

Tiny Meat Redux_ music video, music by Ruby_ editor, (original music video by Ben Unwin

SIN IN MY HEART_ exhibition, Manchester UK, PEEPSHOW photo works

Barricades_ music video, music by Ruby_ director, editor, camera

Words_ feature length film/performance_ producer, director, writer, editor

Inching Is This Machine Recording? video art based on William S. Burroughs_ director, editor,


Spin music video, music by Ruby_ director, editor, camera

Concrete Flower advertisment for Concrete Flower_ director, editor, camera

Saviour music video, music by Popkissed_ director, editor, camera


The New Evolution music video, music by Princess Superstar_ director, editor, camera

Last Life (Rozio Therapy Mix) music video, music by Ruby_ director, editor

Lush music video, music by Ruby_ director, editor, camera

Highway Landscapes music by Pauline Andrés_ director, editor, camera

Ein Wunder Sein 2013 video installation at Vandalorum Centre for Art and Design (IKFU)

Waiting for Light music video, music by Ruby_ director, editor


Hinausgehen 2012 video installation at Jönköpings Läns Museum, Sweden (IKFU)

Second Skin_ music video, music by Kathy Freeman_ director, editor, camera

Ulli Richter Show Reel video show reel_ director, editor

4-EL_ album_ musician (with Raphaela Gilla)

No Tomorrow music video, music by Kathy X_ director, editor, camera

Dualism I: Exposition video art, music by Ruby_ director, editor, camera

Syv music video, music by Robert Solheim_ director, editor, camera

test-1 video, music by Throbbing Gristle_ director, editor, camera

Dear Jim music video, music by ZeroCrop_ director, editor, camera

Princessin Hans Project 5 videos for live show_ visual artist, director, editor


The Opiates Project 6 videos for live shows_ visual artist, director, editor:

Anatomy of a Plastic Girl

Rainy Days and Saturdays

Oprahs’s Book of the Month Club (part II)

Silent Comes the Nighttime (Again)

Candy Coated Crime

Jalousies and Jealousies

Odi et Amo – Bis_ music video, music by Jóhann Jóhannsson_ director, editor, camera

Ein Wunder sein video art and installation with Maurus_ co-director, co-editor, music

Warm Leatherette_ music video_ director, editor, camera, music

Joey_video art_ director, editor, music

121_ video art_ director, editor


:psa video art_ director, editor

:intro_ video art_ director, editor

Ever music video_ director, editor, music

Uncertain Equinox_ album_ musician (as Nevec Red)

You Work It_ music video_ director, editor, music

Rote music video_ director, editor, music

Nirat_ music video_ director, editor, music

Hinausgehen – An audio-visual sonata video art_ director, editor, camera, music


Geräuschkulisse Session #3 – Tribute to Paul Klee music video_ director, editor, music

I Want to Be Evil_ music video_ director, editor, music

Cm7 music video_director, camera, editor, music

bleg ni_ music video_ director, camera, editor, music

dort_ music video_ director, editor, camera, music

Earliest Simple_ music video_ director, editor, music


Die verrückte Teestunde_ short film_ director, editor


Anderecast_ internet variety show, 200 episodes_ producer, actor, editor


Other People’s Mirrors_ feature-length film_ co-producer, actor, title theme composer