PANOPTICON II – Casting Call

Before writing about the new PANOPTICON II, let’s address the elephant in the room:

Isn’t there already a PANOPTICON II?


Short answer:

Yes, but I don’t like it and never did so it’s deleted from the series.

Long answer:

PANOPTICON is a series of 8 porn shorts about 10-15 minutes long each, arranged in an octagon formation as an array of screens facing inward, so that the viewer can observe in 360˚ from the centre choosing their own experience within a specific time frame.

Panopticon I was shot in May 2015 in the (now closed) gay fetish sex club, Alte Klempnerei. It made its premier in Berlin’s Club Culture Houze in the following summer and was part of the Berlin Porn Film Festival that year before traveling the world. It is a wonderful success and a notable piece in my catalog. I could not be happier with the outcome, a defining moment in my career personally.

PANOPTICON IIa (which I will now call it) was shot between December 2016 to March 2017 and was a fractured mess. It was meant to be in production until at least June 2017, circumstances led to rushing into an edit in April that year. As a film maker, I am naturally picky over details and it never sat right with me. How does one make a finished product from only half the pieces? It was difficult and required improvised editing that (to me) lacked the right imagination, skill or soul. It had 2 public showings and several private screenings. The response was lukewarm-to-good rather than wonderful, I understood why, I regret ever making it. The medium deserves better.

After time away from film making I got the itch again but did not know where to start. There are several ideas but one of the concepts for the PANOPTICON series wouldn’t go away. After contemplation I could not leave it to die and decided to delete PANOPTICON IIa from the series completely to make a new PANOPTICON II. I will continue this project the way it was meant to be.

So now the casting call:

BERLIN – I’m looking for approximately 10-12 people of all genders for the next in the PANOPTICON series.

Key words For the mood board: hexagons, alien abduction, fetish, alien autopsy, ketamine trip, masks, anatomy, physical examinations, titanium steel, operating table, endless rooms, vertigo, mirrors, disassociation, sleep paralysis, drones, bees, hive mind, S&M, restraints.

Rough Colour Palette: Black, white, chrome, scarlet, cyan

I’m looking to shoot in March 2019 with premier in June 2019. Anyone interested please PM or send inquiry to:

[ werkraum @ ludwig-berlin .eu ]



Is the film explicit?

Yes, genitals and penetration!


Do I qualify?

This film is all genders, all bodies, all ages, all-all-all, so yes you do!


Do I need porn experience?
Not necessarily, I typically go for people who enjoy exhibiting their fetishes.


What will you do with the finished video?
It will be a part of the 8 videos used in an installation work as well as travel the world through festivals and eventually be available for video-on-demand


Do you need crew?

Camera people!!!!


Is it scripted?
Loosely scripted mostly improvised


How will you choose the actors?

I will assemble a group of people with parallel interests who are willing to play in a fun group setting.


How long is the shoot?

1 production day, about 6 hours


Are there any conditions I need to be aware of?

All participants will be willing partners, nothing and no one will be pressed to go outside their limits. This is STRICTLY enforced. Everyone will sign a release form and all details will be confirmed through the writing of the contracts.


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