Pleased to meet you!

2018 was an extraordinary year that tested my resilience, I am thankful for its lessons and look to taking into 2019 the bit of optimism found in my pocket along the way. The last years have been a lot of work: running a small production company, taking care of a home and the beings in it, opening a bar/venue/gallery concept, projects, and basic survival. When these things were in working order all was good but when one (or often more) had trouble it was necessary to put in double time and energy. I became worn down. Coming out of that with new light feels amazing. I’m still here!

I have learned a lot about new media and live stream broadcasting. As a technical minded person and a film maker this became the forefront of my concentration using pre-SESTA/FORSTA social media as a new field for experimentation. I am what is now considered a NSFW artist because of my sexuality and the use of it in some of my work. It is an unfortunate stigmatisation as my full CV is largely non-sexual in nature. Yet, whatever. This website is the beginning of a new epoch in my internet presence. My house, my rules. My audience will always find me.

To me, social media is dead. The aesthetics, user experiences, and pop culture are now dated forever stuck in the 2000’s and 2010’s. Internet porn is dead reduced to amateurism and consumable objectification for free governed by a Monopoly. OnlyFans porn makers of today are the MySpace bedroom musicians of the past, “share” – “like” – “subscribe” like mosquitoes flying from newsfeeds. I’ve had the luxury of being an online content creator for 20 years, it’s time for a sharp turn in internet evolution again because now it’s not fun anymore.

So here I am, pleased to meet you!

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