Spinning Around

It was my intention to build this site up for memberships back in January but life took over. Many good things came along changing the course of where I thought my path would lead. I have had the best spring, summer, autumn, and winter since moving to Berlin in 2004. 2019 brought something new: taking over my bar as my business partner will be having some much deserved time off for a few months. What an interesting year this will be!

At the moment there are so many projects going: WERKRAUM, LUDWIG, FUCKING THE GODS, PANOPTICON II, hosting a party in a sex club, producing one-off and serial live events, sometimes in collaboration with others…

It’s a fucking lot!

I wish there was time to make webcam porn or even have a personal life but there is not. It’s not even that I am always behind the bar anymore, I’m not! Most of my time is spent in meetings and producing projects that bring a great deal of satisfaction. It’s a completely different place than ever before, only that LUDWIG is a part of that. It sounds silly to say but I have not been this productive since 2014. There is no room for memberships and life as it was not so long ago.

My relationship to social media and new media has changed. I learned a lot from the ENTER THE PANOPTICON project. For one year my entire ego threw itself into a project then was self-confronted. It was humiliating and humbling to watch all over again. An evolution has taken place because of it and I am grateful for that. Now the internet is of little use. My place is live on stage, it can’t get more real than that!

What I wish to say, what intention is set is that I’ve grown into a new skin. You will like me sense of style.

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