Ceven Knowles

Multidisciplinary Visual Artist

With over 20 years experience in video production, motion graphics and visual design, I am able to work in many media formats and switch smoothly between different areas of responsibility, such as those of the producer, director camera and editor. My knowledge of technology and new media is extensive and passionate.

I began working with analog video in the 1990’s which developed into an interest in internet media, particularly web cam technology quite early in its development. Later in 2006 I became active in video podcasting. This exposure led to making music videos and video backdrops for use in live stage performance for several internally recognized musicians. In the early 2010’s my documentaries and video art were shown in festivals and museums around the world, eventually leading to commercial video commissions.


I offer a variety of fine art and commercial services either alone or as part of a team in the areas of:

Video Production

Internet Broadcasting

Online Content Creation

Motion Graphics

Graphic Design


Art Direction

Exhibition Curation

Video Installations

Spatial Design

Event Production & Management

Creative Consulting


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Software Knowledge

— Video —
Adobe Premier
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Prelude
Final Cut Pro
DaVinci Resolve
Red Giant Suite
Magic Bullet Suite

— Audio —
Logic Studio Pro
Ableton Live
Adobe Audition

— Digital Imaging —
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Color
Adobe Illustrator


— Internet —
OBS Broadcasting Studio
Adobe Dreamweaver

I am located in Berlin and willing to travel offering my skills in small and large professional projects. For more information please choose an option below relevant to your needs.

Fine Arts

I also make independent video productions, documentaries, and internet videos shows as well as perform live and moderate in drag shows. The following links are being built and should be available for full viewing by the end of February 2020.

Current Projects
& Events

Graphic Designer & Video Producer for MEMBERS party. (Berlin)

Video Producer for musician, Billie Ray Martin on her upcoming album to be released in Spring 2020. (Hamburg & Berlin)



Social Media