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Starting a blog feels retro in the age of social media but the longer format allows for better representation. After 3 1/2 years of running a bar/venue/gallery I have decided to go back into visual media production. Along with that I wish to bring the performance and event production I’ve learned with me. That sounds like an ambitious undertaking but I’m into looking for ways to connect some or all of these things. The kind of work I’d like to do is more challenging than what I’ve already done.

I come from a video and internet media background beginning in the late 1990’s. From the 2000’s up to about 2014 I had a golden period of output then burnt out in 2015. This is where having the bar came in. Over those few years I grew to miss making video and am now in the position to begin again with new energy.

In my heart I am a technology nerd. Anything digital excites me. My creativity was fully encouraged and supported since childhood. Today technology is my creative language. I am easily comfortable learning new hardware and software because I’m very curious about it all. The internet has also played a large role in my creative development.

I would personally like to go in a commercial direction with my professional work. It would allow for the use of better equipment and team-based workflows because there is more money invested to have these things. This also demands a higher standard of quality. The people on these teams are very creative and technical, I enjoy that sort of energy. It would be a good direction to go.

This doesn’t mean that I abandon my own interests. On the contrary the contracts I’m looking for will allow for me to take time with my own projects. My interest is in projects that need someone with my skills, which are many. Of course, developing working relationships with people over multiple projects would be a great luxury!

Over the next days I will do my best to upload some videos. I will also update with events and flesh out the Jera Productions page to better explain my skillset.