Early Background (1974 – 2004)
I was born in Tampa, Florida on May 4, 1974, and grew up in time split between New Orleans, Louisiana and Kansas City, Kansas. I started making video in 1989 as a teenager and discovered the Internet in 1996. I became involved in early Internet video making and webcam broadcasting. In 2004 I moved to Berlin, Germany in May 2004 (becoming a naturalised citizen in 2010).

Music Video & New Media (2004-2015)
In 2006, I began podcasting with the Adam Curry led company, PodShow under the title, “Anderecast”. Anderecast began as audio only but quickly transformed into a video-based anthology variety show under the production company name, Unbekanntes Sektorformat (German for “Unknown Media Type”).
After ending the series in 2008, I concentrated on making music videos under the production company name, “CERUSmedia”.
In 2012 I began working with Acid House & Electronic Soul singer Billie Ray Martin, who recruited me as the visual artist and video art director for her band, The Opiates’ live shows. I made video art for the band’s tours in 2012-2014 as well as a few official music videos. This led me to being picked up by several other musicians for music video and stage video art.

LUDWIG (2016-2019)
At the end of 2015, my then-partner and I took over an old derelict bar in Berlin-Neukölln. We rebuilt the inside from the brick and concrete base back up to a beautiful large Bar-Gallery-Venue, showcasing local and international talent across as many mediums regularly. There were musicians, performances, social and political discussions, curated exhibitions, and many other actions and fundraisers that supported the local LGBTQIA* and other marginalised communities.
During this period, I still made new media work but to a smaller degree. My focus was on event concept & production, advertising campaigns, and visual communications across several media formats.
LUDWIG closed its doors for the last time. In September 2019.  This was in a way lucky, as the Covid lockdowns in 2020 would have ended our business anyhow.

Visual Communications (2019 – Present)
In spring 2020 I began taking small graphic design commissions and then became a freelance Art Director for GMF Events. I picked up other graphic design commissions from various event producers and became showrunner of a few venues’ livestream broadcasts.
At the end of 2020, I began working as a contractor for simpleshow, leading conception and project management of explanation videos and designing online training modules for large corporations.
I am currently open to new work. Please contact me if you want to know more!

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